Battle skills

Twister: The Twister is when you leap onto your opponents back and pin them down. Then you grab their paw and twist it but making sure you grab their paw by the wrist. Keep hold off them until they get limp expecting you to loosen the grip. Instead you twist their wrist and continue pinning them down. Advanced skill: Yes

Deep claw: The deep claw is when you deeply claw the opponent in the stomach causing them to yowl in pain. Then you deeply claw them in their exposed parts. Advanced skill: Yes

Lure and hold: The lure and hold is when you have two cats together against 1 oppoent. The first cat runs making the opponent chase after it. You lure the opponent to where the other cat is hiding. You suddenly diseapper as the other cat leaps onto the opponent causing it to me confused. Then you both hold the opponent down causing severe injuries. Advanced skill: Yes

More will be added soon. These are the more advanced ones for any elite warriors that they show to their apprentice.